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A call girl or escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) is not visible to the general public. Nor does she usually belong to an institution like a brothel. One must summon her, usually by calling a telephone number—hence the name call girl. Often, call girls advertise their services in small ads in magazines, and more recently through the internet, although an intermediary advertiser such as an escort agency maybe involed in promoting higher class escorts. The lower class side of escorts maybe handled by a pimp or a pander.

Call girls can work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they come to the client.

Call girls are commonly perceived to be elite amongst prostitutes, far more skilled, able to pick and choose amongst their potential clients and therefore demand higher prices for their services, and are more attractive, educated, well-groomed and youthful than street prostitutes. An escort service will not take on any woman that is unattractive, has a visible drug problem (such as needle marks from injecting drugs), or has an overly negative persona. Unless they specialize in tattooed women, escort services will usually not take on any women that have anything larger than a small tattoo. Escort services seek to establish a reputation for offering desirable women and know that their customers only give them one chance. If an escort service sends an undesirable woman to a client, the client will very likely not use that service again. Also, many escort agencies do criminal background checks on applicants to weed out those that have been arrested for street prostitution or other types of crimes. This weeding out is done to reduce the chances of being accused of being sellers of prostitution, trying not to draw the attention of law enforcement agencies. For these reasons, there is rarely any cross-over between call girls and street prostitutes.

Most call girl agencies and independent call girls are now online, and the Internet has become the main venue for a customer to find his match. Generally, the picture of the girl is provided, and sometimes, the type of sexual services she is willing to offer. Some agencies also propose for a high fee people of special interest, such as twins, former porn stars, B-List models, prodommes or even submissives.

The Internet is also used by punters/hobbyists to provide evaluation of the call girls they have met and rate them, on their aesthetics, behavior or sexual performances. For the readers of evaluation web sites, such as BigDoggie,, and TheEroticReview, the rating of the call girls is often a determining factor in their selection.

This has led some customers to blackmail call girls by threatening of a bad rating in order to obtain more sexual services or a discount on the rate. Some call girls also cheat by logging stellar evaluations of themselves on these sites, although most of the sites try to identify and filter these “fake reviews”.

Because offering sexual services in exchange for money is illegal in many areas, certain code words in the subculture of sex work have emerged to communicate in lieu of description of explicit acts. For instance the words incall and outcall describe the location of the encounter. Incall meets that the session takes place at the call girl’s place (her apartment or hotel room in case of a city tour). Outcall means that the session is at a place selected by the customer, personnal home or hotel room.

Another familiar word of the call girl slang is GFE, an acronym for “girlfriend experience” usually implies that an escort will have a warm personality, be willing to kiss the client, hold hands and be generally affectionate. This also includes an assumption that the girl will perform oral sex without a condom barrier. Usually this option would be explicitly stated as “Oral w/o” or “Oral without”. Another codical term is “Greek.” A call girl who is “Greek welcome” is willing to have anal sex with the client. This term is more commonly used in the USA. Other terms include DFK (Deep French Kissing - ie open mouth kissing with tongues).

Here is a typical example of girl description, taken randomly from a city tour web site:

French kiss, oral without to completion (CIM/CIF/COB), 69, sex in different poses.

This means that the call girl will perform oral kiss with the tongue, fellatio without condom up to customer ejaculation, in mouth (CIM), on the face (CIF), or over the body (COB), will receive oral sex meanwhile, and practice various poses during classical intercourse.

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